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Welcome to my wonderful community for icons of Disney Channel stars and their shows. I just didn't find any Disney Channel icon communities that suited me, so I made one! :) I am wizkid99, if you wanted to know! Anyone and everyone are encouraged to post their Disney Channel icons here. Disney CHANNEL, not Disney movies. Keep that in mind, or your post is as good as deleted ;) Don't get me wrong, I love Disney movies, but there are other communities for that. No anti-Disney, either. This will also get your post deleted! We want Disney love here only, please! This is a carefree community that would like to not need very much moderation, thanks ;)
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The layout codes are from reversescollide.
Rules? I think most communities have rules. There aren't too many constructive rules here. If you are linking to a multifandom post, though, please be sure there at least 6 Disney Channel icons. Some people have DSL, and don't want to watch 30 X-Men icons, 42 Harry Potter icons, and 2 Disney Channel icons load when they're there for DC icons. It's not that hard to post them to the community directly. You can, of course, still link to the post! Just make sure to mention what is all in the post. Also, we just want people being nice here. No being rude, trashing other people's icons, or other people's opinions. Plus, I mean, it's a Disney Channel community, it's not that hard to be nice and appropriate!
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